The Pure Blockchain DApp Platform

Ellaism is an Ethereum based network and intends to use exclusively “proof of work” to secure the blockchain. It benefits from a zero pre-mine and has no mandatory developer fees with all support and development donated freely by the community. We believe this makes our coin one of the most honest pure Ethereum projects, and something that is uniquely interesting as a platform for serious developers, educators, and enthusiasts.

2018 Roadmap
Pure Smart Contract Platform

Ellaism is a pure smart contract platform. No premine. No dev fees. Its goal is to create a smart contract platform that is both fair and trustworthy. Learn more about how it compares with other coins.

Transparency and Stability

In cryptocurrency, transparency brings trust. The Core team hold strong transparency in its financial and development process. Our strong principles also build a stable platform.

Community Driven

We have a welcoming community and a donation-based development process. You have full control over the cryptocurrency you use, and can always choose a team you trust to develop Ellaism.

Monthly Community Update

Here is a list of the recent progress from Ellaism developers and community members. As a cryptocurrency without pre-mine or dev fees, we need your help. Join the Discord server, donate to Ellaism and learn how to get involved in Ellaism developments.

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