ProgPoW (Mtihani)

Help us test out ProgPoW mining. This testnet has mostly identical settings comparing Ellaism mainnet, but with ProgPOW transition happening at block 0.

Setup instructions are being developed by the community



Ellaism has a Proof of Authority (PoA) testnet called “Shikinseki”.
To connect to the testnet, download this file and run:

parity --chain shikinseki.json

We choose PoA consensus algorithm because it provides a stable experience. It is known that PoW testnets can be unstable due to lack of nodes. And please note that the testnet might be restarted at any time with all states cleared. Don’t use it to store anything important. Additional facilities you can use on the testnet:

Shikinseki Faucet

To get some testnet token, go to the Discord channel, in #bots channel, run command !testnet send <address> For example:

!testnet send 0x2cbb505641e0c1b0ada0cf0b045014383de94576

You will receive 10 testnet tokens each time issuing this command.