Ellaism is an Ethereum clone using a blend of ETC and ETH code, and intends to use exclusively “proof of work” to secure the blockchain. It benefits from a zero pre-mine and has no mandatory developer fees with all support and development donated freely by the community. We believe this makes our coin one of the most honest pure Ethereum projects, and something that is uniquely interesting as a platform for serious developers, educators, and enthusiasts.

Ellaism also has a clearly defined monetary policy, with around 280 million coins in total. See also Comparison of Different Ethereum Networks.

Information and Community

Ellaism has a welcoming and strong community. Its Twitter, Discord server, forum and other parts are managed by different community members.


You might also want to follow the installation or mining guide for this section.



Hardware Wallets

Get Involved

There is no pre-mine and the coin is totally community-driven. You can find more information about how to get involved in the ellaism/meta repository and the Discord server. You can also donate to Ellaism developers and community members to help this coin.

Total Supply

The total supply for Ellaism is around 280 million coins.

JSON RPC Endpoint

If you are a dapp developer, you can use “https://jsonrpc.ellaism.org” as a JSON RPC endpoint.

Technical Information

  • Average block time: 14 seconds.
  • Expected block time: 10-19 seconds (inclusive).
  • Coin generation: 5 Ella per block with 20% reward reduction happens every 10 million blocks.
  • Network ID is 0x40.
  • Replay protection enabled by default, and chain ID is 0x40.
  • No difficulty bomb.
  • Most other parameters are the same as Ethereum.

This is an Ethereum network as specified in the yellow paper, with Homestead, EIP150, EIP155, EIP160 and ECIP1017 applied from block 0. The era for ECIP1017 is changed to 10 million. Chain id and network id are both 0x40. Difficulty bomb is diffused from block 0.

Genesis block contains 0 coins (hence no premine). The initial difficulty in genesis block is changed to 0x40000000, its extra data field is 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000, and its initial nonce is 0x0000000000000040.

Logo Assets

Ellaism’s logo is created by @BL0ckchain and is released into the public domain. You can find a high resolution asset of the logo here.