Donate to Ellaism

Ellaism didn’t have an ICO and is a coin without a pre-mine. Donations are welcomed to keep those that contributed to the coin rewarded. This page was set up so that you can donate to some people who have contributed code either directly or indirectly to Ellaism.

Not sure about which fund you should donate? The split contract 0xEDae451f57B5bfF81d1D9eE64F591Ad6a865a652 allows you to split your donation evenly between Dev Fund and Community Fund.

Dev Fund

The Dev Fund 0xe9C2d958E6234c862b4AfBD75b2fd241E9556303 is a multisig wallet used to set up the core development team, operate infrastructures of Ellaism, and support other development activities related to the Ellaism blockchain. You can find the current signer information, deployment details and instructions for verifying the proof from this document. Financial reports are published every month for transparency. You can learn more about the role which Dev Fund and Ellaism Core plays in the whole Ellaism community from the roadmap. Currently the fund is used for:

  • Development of Ellaism geth and support for Parity client.
  • Ellaism explorer.
  • Ellaism public JSON-RPC API.
  • BTC Relay.
  • Ellaism specifications and protocol upgrades.
  • Ellaism Name System (ENS).
  • Other core development activities.

Besides making donations, you can also support the Dev Fund by joining the Dev Mining Pool and many other mining pools. You can find more information in Mining.

The transparency page shows all the outgoing transactions from the Dev Fund.

Community Fund

The Community Fund 0x01ff0FFd25B64dE2217744fd7d4dc4aA3cAbceE7 multisig wallet is managed by community members to support community activities on the Ellaism blockchain. You can find the current signer information and deployment details from this document. The transparency page shows all the outgoing transactions from the Community Fund.

Add Yourself to the Page

We list donation addresses of developers and members that are active in the Ellaism community. To qualify for this list, you would need to have either authored a project directly related to Ellaism, contributed a significant amount of code to one of the core projects, or played a leading role in maintaining a part of the Ellaism community. If you think you should be added, please send a new pull request to ellaism/