We have two clients available you can use to connect to the Ellaism network. You can also use MyEtherWallet and MetaMask to interact with the network.

Parity Full Node

Install Parity from Parity’s official website. Please use Parity version 1.6.10 or later. Download the Ellaism config file ( Run Parity with parity --chain /path/to/ellaism.json (if you are on Windows, that would be parity --chain X:\path\to\ellaism.json).

Include the --author yourellaaddress parameter if you plan to mine using this node.

If you’re running Parity as a public node or for a mining pool, it is recommended to run with --usd-per-tx 0 because Parity cannot calculate the correct ELLA-USD rate.

parity --chain "/path/to/ellaism.json" --usd-per-tx 0

To set it in your Parity config file, add the following:

usd_per_tx = "0"

Go Ellaism Full Node

Download Geth from the release page. You can then extract the executable and run it:


Include the --etherbase yourellaaddress parameter if you plan to mine using this node.


If you want to solo mine on the Ellaism network, follow the solo mining guide here after you have started a full node.


  • MyEtherWallet: Choose ELLA from the top-right dropdown menu.
  • Ellaism Web Wallet: Easiest wallet option besides MyEtherWallet. Hosted directly on Github. Supports Trezor hardware wallet.
  • Ellaism Chrome Extension Wallet: Runs in a sandbox in your Chrome browser. Functionality is similar to the web wallet, but technically safer.
  • Ellagem: Windows desktop wallet by @Riddlez666. This needs to download the whole blockchain so a little bit slower than the above options.

Browser Plugin

You can also use the MetaMask browser plugin on Ellaism. This plugin allows you to directly interact with many Ethereum dapps on the network. To do this:

  1. Download MetaMask from the official website.
  2. After installation, click the MetaMask icon, and choose (in the top left corner of the pop up) network selection.
  3. Choose “Custom RPC” and Enter Click “Save”.

Now you can use dapps directly. For example, try out Token Factory which allows you to create a new tokens in minutes.