Monthly Community Update (April 2018)

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Here is a list of the recent progress from Ellaism developers and community members. As a cryptocurrency without pre-mine or dev fees, we need your help. Join the Discord server, donate to Ellaism and learn how to get involved in Ellaism developments.

Hard Fork

Ellaism Core proposed and planned a hard fork at block number 2,000,000, happening around end of August, 2018. This hard fork adds Ethereum Byzantium features and enables WebAssembly scripting on Ellaism blockchain. You can find more information below:


  • We release two new versions of multi-geth. However, multi-geth is being discontinued because of the WebAssembly upgrade. ETH/ETC support will be maintained by Ethoxy Initiative. We urge existing multi-geth users to migrate to Parity.
  • Shikinseki testnet is upgraded with support of Byzantium features and WebAssembly, in preparation of the upcoming hard fork.
  • Our wiki page can now be accessed from, thanks to work done by @stevemulligan.
  • A new bot, called “EllaBot”, is developed by @kubu00. You can interact it in our Discord server.
  • Development of an Ellaism-branded dapps browser is started.
  • Various bug fixes and improvements to open-ethereum-pool.