Monthly Community Update (February 2018)

1 minute read

Here is a list of the recent progress from Ellaism developers and community members. As a cryptocurrency without pre-mine or dev fees, we need your help. Join the Discord server, donate to Ellaism and learn how to get involved in Ellaism developments.


  • We did a massive update for Ellaism Explorer with new themes, better performance and bug fixes. Source code validation is restored.
  • Ellaism Explorer is integrated with Ellaism Name System. You can associate your address with an .ella name.
  • Twitter Faucet is developed. It allows users to claim a small amount of ELLA by tweeting about Ellaism network.
  • Several display issues are fixed in EllaWallet.
  • Hands on a Hard Coin becomes the first blockchain game that supports Ellaism network.


  • We started regular Dev Meetings every Saturday 4pm UTC. You can find the meeting logs here.
  • Dev Pool MINING token is released. For every ELLA you mined on Dev Pool, you also get one MINING token.
  • Ellaism will be listed on Victorium Exchange. (Thanks to @CountCryptula!)
  • CryptoBridge accepted Ellaism listing request and is being actively worked on.
  • Dev Fund balance: 10467.62 ELLA (Financial Report)
  • Community Fund balance: 13627.28 ELLA
  • February Traffic Stats