Monthly Community Update (January 2018)

1 minute read

Here is a list of the recent progress from Ellaism developers and community members. As a cryptocurrency without pre-mine or dev fees, we need your help. Join the Discord server, donate to Ellaism and learn how to get involved in Ellaism developments.


  • Parity released v1.9.0 with built-in Ellaism support.
  • MyEtherWallet released with built-in Ellaism support.
  • open-ethereum-pool for Ellaism has been updated with optimization in memory usage and responsiveness.
  • Minor bug fixes for go-ellaism client.
  • Ellagem is released with support for Parity v1.9.0.
  • Ellaism Improvement Proposal ella-2018-0001 (Alternative Scheme of Precompiled Contract Versioning for Hard Fork) released.
  • SputnikVM announced with Ellaism network support.
  • We developed a Discord bot that allows you to start a new CarbonVote using several simple commands. Say hi to the bot in the #umbrella Discord channel!